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Enhance is a specialist and pragmatic consultancy offering regulatory, technical and training support to firms involved in the administration and operation of member-directed pension schemes such as SIPP and SSAS.

Enhance was formed in 2007 to provide regulatory support to the administrators of member-directed pension schemes. Since then we have worked with over 50 firms including established pension providers as well as companies looking to become FCA-authorised as a Sipp operator. The companies we work with range from small privately owned Sipp/SSAS operators through to the pension operations of multi-national banks and investment institutions.

Our approach is always to work collaboratively with clients and we take pride in the quality of the work we provide. The range of work we undertake includes ongoing regulatory support; one-off projects such as regulatory ‘health-checks’, acquisition due-diligence or regulatory remedial action; training; and, input on pension-related technical matters.